Violating Your Privacy

 Posted on 3/3/1996 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

Neil Blevins <> asks:
> Have you ever tried this tactic before?
> Do you think he will gladly hand over his list of contacts at
> C-serve?

What you're forgetting in the conversation is the issue of
copyright. As a poster here on this forum, everything that you write is
the joint copyright of you and CIS. Copyright infringement is
punishable by law. Now maybe one can't keep chasing down people who
take others' messages and shut down their access to various systems,
it's problematic...but for each time one engages in copyright
infringement, the *minimum* penalty under the law is $100,000 per
instance. If one chose to pursue it that far.

It'd be no different than taking a whole section of, say, a
Greg Bear novel, and posting it on the nets without his permission.