Actually, having now seen (upon...

 Posted on 1/11/1996 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Actually, having now seen (upon noting this discussion) the two part DS9
episode, it looks to me more like a point-for-point "homage" to SEVEN DAYS IN
MAY...a general who thinks that his president is being soft on preparing for
enemy threats, decides to move his people into position to take over in a
military coup, a lower-level officer (Sisko in the Kirk Douglas role) warning
the president, timing the putch to take place at the time of a major speech
during which instead the general will make his speech instead, code-named
military maneuvers which are supposedly drills but instead are opportunities
for moving military squads into the right position, that same code being
discovered, the general being a patriot by his lights not a traitor, the
general getting boxed in at the last...I could go on, but really, it's SEVEN
DAYS IN MAY right down the line.