ATTN JMS: What happens AFTER B

 Posted on 8/22/1995 by to

There's always been the possibility of a side-story that would go off
in the B5 universe, after the B5 main story, but frankly the odds on that
happening are extremely slim at best, I think.

Other than that...if B5 goes its full 5 year run, as I've noted here
before, at that point (1998) the tentative plan is for me to retire from
TV, go back to writing plays and novels. I figure I'll have said all I
have to say in TV, and at that point you get off the damned stage.

About the only thing that could lure me back, aside from a B5 side
story, would be an anthology series, because I love that form dearly, but
the odds of that are even smaller; there seems such growing discontent
with the genre at the studios, despite some small successes here and