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Keffer wasn't added because fans thought that sending the commanding
officer into battle was inappropriate. We will still continue to send our
COs into battle when necessary. Throughout the season, we've tried to
flesh out the command levels. We started with 2 starfury squadrons on B5,
and added a third in "Survivors." Logically, those are going to have
squad leaders. Adding in all three would be a stretch budget-wise, but we
could at least add one, to show a different aspect of the crew. And, in
truth, you wouldn't have command personnel leading every single routine
mission. We'd kinda wanted to do this in the first year, but we didn't
have the money for it. In year two, we did, and thus added him.

Everyone who advertises on a show would like their products to be
shown. Likewise, everyone advertising on B5 wanted their stuff shown.
The good thing about this, for a show with a limited (non ST) budget is
that you could have access to their products without having to pay a
license fee. For fun, for instance, we stuck a Zima sign on the back of
a couple of bars. When Kawasaki came on as a sponsor, Larry kinda got to
wondering how on earth you could ever work in a motorcycle...and got a
fun idea. So we went ahead and did it. We never had to do either of
them, or ANY of them. My feeling since is that it probably wasn't worth
doing it, best to leave this stuff out, and in year two we haven't done
ANY of it. Basically, it was a whim.

You'll note that SFU's description of the O'Hare situation doesn't
quote anybody. There are several questionable conclusions in the article,
though overall they did a good job. This, though, is one of them. They
also mis-labled about 4 or 5 photographs. It also kinda bugs me just a
little that they attribute all the setups on the visuals to the directors,
when in nearly every case the script *specifically* describes how the shot
should be set up. I don't mind sharing credit with directors on some of
this stuff, because it's a collaboration...I just don't like it when ALL
the credit goes to the director, who used a beam of stark white light in
a scene, because it said in the script, "Sinclair stands in a beam of
stark white light."