Never said Kosh was going to get...

 Posted on 11/27/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Never said Kosh was going to get an assistant anytime soon. an aside...for the last 3-5 days, my GEnie Internet gateway has
been down, which means it has to be re-opened...but I'm wondering if that's
such a smart thing after all.

The problem ain't negative opinions, or anything like that; I get plenty
of comments everywhere, of all kinds. And I'd say 90% of those on rec.arts.b5
are only terrific; intelligent, funny, thoughtful, critical, insightful...but
the problem with rec.arts.b5 is that because there's no fee, and anybody can
get on, and there's no moderation, it tends to attract people who come in
*deliberately* trying to cause trouble mainly because *they know I'm there*.
I hear from time to time from folks on the alt.b5 area, and apparently there's
a lot less trouble there. What's the main difference? Well, the knowledge
that some folks can come in and screw with the producer of the show for
fun...which by itself isn't a problem, I can handle that...but I'm getting
genuinely concerned that it's poisoning the well for everybody *else*...that
they're getting into fights, for only the best of reasons, and the atmosphere
is just getting really tense, making it difficult for those using the service.

I'm really in kind of a quandry over the whole thing. It's like enjoying
the company you get at a local bar, but you know that every time you go in,
somebody's going to pick a fight or drag the whole place down, so is it really
fair to everybody else to keep going there? And it's only a small number, but
they seem obsessed with making life unpleasant for everybody else.