The technomages are from various...

 Posted on 11/17/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

The technomages are from various races and worlds; there are some who are
Centauri, some who are human, even other races such as the Vree and the
pak'ma'ra, though these in particular happened to be from Earth. (If they
were Centauri, why would Sheridan have been interfering with their

Re: the Drazi...yeah, they all look different in that episode. Our
prosthetics folks did a great job with that, as did the actors, and I think
this one should earn Optic Nerve another emmy.

And yeah, Garibaldi's "joke" was supposed to be pretty lame; we even
edited it to widen the awkward pause, to make it more difficult. He's trying
to hard, and his spirit isn't in it.

Of the first six episodes, btw, as I may have mentioned over in 18, this
is my personal favorite. It's wonky and fun and just a hoot.