Losing the characters she's come...

 Posted on 10/29/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Losing the characters she's come to enjoy? No. But the characters are
changing. That's the point, and that's been the intent from day one. But
what's the alternative? I've heard ST fans complain loudly and bitterly that
after 7 years of TNG being on the air, nobody's really changed, nobody's been
promoted into different ships or major changes in responsibilities...they've
had Riker as XO for seven years, which in the real military would mean his
career is *over*.

Change is the only other option.

The goal, from the start, was to create an overall story, but which would
also require arcs for every single major character. They're all going
somewhere. In many cases, that "somewhere" plays into the larger arc; in some
cases, not. If a woman is single, then gets married, then gives birth, and
she's your friend, have you "lost her" just because she's gone through these
changes? Of course not. She has changed, in good or bad ways, but she's
still the same person.