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Trish Crowther wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 07:58:25 +0000 (UTC), wrote:
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> >This collection is really the Rosetta Stone of the Babylon 5
> >universe...and I wanted that to get out there in full, to kind of
> >finish the job properly. Here's the scripts, here are the stories
> >behind the scripts, the arc, the production, here are the photos and
> >the memos, so that when it's's really done. Again, we're
> >talking here over 6,300 pages of material...14 volumes, each nearly an
> >inch's just monumental.
> "To finish the job properly" ... I've been wondering for a while now
> if this exercise has a degree of closure about it for you. If that's
> the case (and I realise it's a big if and I could be completely wrong)
> could that mean that you won't play in the B5 universe again - that
> it's truly finished? On a purely selfish note, I hope not (I really
> would like to see a resolution to Crusade). If you decide it is the
> end of B5 though, I'll look forward to other, fresh material from you.
> Trish
> >

It certainly puts full stop to the work done on the original series.
If anything else comes after, that's all well and good, but by putting
this out is the last thing I knew I had to do with the original show.
Make the show, do the trick, then open up the magic box and let
everyone poke around inside to see how the trick was that
somebody else can learn from it and do the same down the road...which
was always the intent, as I've said many times over the years.