Re: Babylon 5 Scripts Site Nearly Ready, And More!

 Posted on 10/31/2005 by to wrote:
> I'm now three books into this thing, and the volume one intro is now
> almost 14,000 words in length, volume two is over 15,000 words, and the
> intro I'm currently writing to volume three is already at 13,000 words
> and I'm still only about two-thirds through the darned thing. Given
> that the average book is 80K to 100K in length, by the time I'm
> finished writing intros for all these books there will be almost enough
> for two volumes just on the making of B5.

Just finished the volume 3's almost 19,000 words.
Fortunately, 14,723 of them are "wubble."

This is getting completely out of control....