Re: No JMS in 'Superhoes' Guide to New York'?

 Posted on 8/24/2004 by to

>Just finished watching the above on the Travel Channel and was disappointed
>that JMS wasn't mentioned even once. A fair sized segment about the 'Black
>Issue' - no mention of JMS. Another on the 500th issue that even *showed*
>at the (I think) Midtown comic shop - no mention of who wrote the issue.
>Disappointing to say the least.

They may have been miffed about my not participating in the documentary, so
they just left that stuff out. Which is okay.

I've generally declined to do much "expert" discussion of Spidey or comics
writing because I think I'm still sufficiently new at it that it would be an
act of surpeme ego to try and come off as an expert on...well, anything related
to this. Which is why I passed on being interviewed for this documentary (I
also don't know New York well enough), as well as the first Spidey DVD and a
couple of books about Spidey writers. I finally agreed to be interviewed for
the second Spidey DVD if I could talk mainly about the character and my
thoughts about him, rather than spouting off about the writing or being a
big-shot. Once I've done it for a few more years, I'll feel a little better
about being an Expert.


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