Re: ATTN JMS: r.a.c.m.u participation?

 Posted on 8/24/2004 by to

>Just noticing your recent participation in discussions on
>rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe re: ASM #510.
>It seems that those discussions tread very close to ASM story ideas --
>no one over there has agreed to our moderation rules, after all. So
>doesn't that open you up to some risk regarding ASM plotlines?
>What is different between B5 and ASM that permits you to participate
>more freely? Is it because B5's plotline was so tightly interwoven,
>whereas you have more freedom with ASM's ongoing story?

Difference is that Spidey's been around for decades, and nearly every story has
been told in one way or another, so there's not much that can be added from the
discussions that could be said to be owned by the opposed to
something brand new that is still being shaped. Also, I don't own Spidey,
didn't create it, so I'm in a less vulnerable position.


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