Re: attn. JMS: On Length of Copyright

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>Question -- what are the benefits of setting up your copyright with a
>corporation? I can sort of sketch out why, but from a theoretical point of
>view, not from having done it. Can you spell out why you and others do it
>this way?

I already answered part of this in the message you cite, where I noted:

>So all Harlan's works are (c) the Kiliminjaro
>> and mine are (c) Synthetic Worlds, Ltd. Which means that the works are
>> copyrighted for *the life of the corporation*, not my life.

So if the corporation survives for 170 years, that is the life of the owner of
the copyright, and it belongs to SWL for 170 years. Now, the odds of that
actually *happening* are about zero, but that's the theory. They can also be
assigned as a corporate value and transferred. It also separates out who owns
what in case of lawsuit. If you are sued as an individual, the properties
owned by the corporation are generally protected.


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