My Email

 Posted on 5/2/1998 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

A reminder to all and sundry:

My private email box is only to be used for confidential or
deeply personal matters. It is not to be used for jokes, uploads
without asking permission or informing me in advance (I have had my
hard drive trashed by viruses sent to me), plot questions or the like.
You may decide, "Oh, that's a funny joke, I'll foward that to Joe," but
if 500 of you do that my mailbox becomes completely unmanageable and
important stuff scrolls off.

If you have a general question or comment or something to pass
along, please do so in the public forums, where others can benefit from
the answer. The private mail box should be used only as a last resort,
for truly personal or confidential matters.