Re: Strange Relations, Sex, & JMS (Spoilers)

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>JMS is a
>sexual conservative. Garibaldi isn't allowed to sleep with the
>ground-pounder in GROPOS, Marcus is a virgin, saving himself for the
>right one, Sheridan and Delenn don't actually have sex until after
>they're married (unless they did in that Woo-Hoo Minbari ritual, but I
>was never sure about that). There are other examples.
The Garibaldi/GROPO thing was originally slated in the script for them to go to
bed with each was Jerry who objected loudly enough for that to be
changed in the script.

Then there's Franklin and Number One who jumped into bed very quickly, we have
Garibaldi and Lise in bed in "Between the Darkness and the Light," Franklin and
the singer in downbelow... there are plenty of counter-examples.

Conservative I ain't.


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