Re: Contract Questions

 Posted on 5/21/1997 by to

--Considering the way you have been jerked around by WB, what are
your contract obligations to them, beyond the end of B-5?
--If you are then a "free agent" with whom would you partner for
future TV projects?
--Are there any other brain-children waiting in the wings?
--Are any scifi TV projects contemplated?

My contract is specifically for B5, if it were to go away (and there's
some interesting, positive movement going on behind the scenes right now)
I would have no further obligations or ties to WB. I've turned down a
number of network gigs along the way, preferring to stay with B5 (even
though some of them would've paid twice or more what I get on B5) so
finding another berth wouldn't be hard.

And yeah, I have some other projects simmering in the background that
might go with or without a fifth season.