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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Another JMS award at Worldcon
    Date: 9/11/1996 1:17:00 PM  

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Yeah, the Shadow Hugo (an ominous name for what's basically a
coaster-shaped circuit board with a bronze plate on it) went to B5 from
Sci-Fi.Com, which was actually the first SF award B5 has gotten, beating
the real Hugos by about 24 hours.

The reason they had to come out of the SFFWA suite to give me the award
had to do with my feelings toward SFFWA, from which I resigned over their
attitude toward media writers and the dramatic nebula (bottom line: all
media writers are hacks, and it's not real writing, and even though media
work, scripts, are eligible for membership, or were then, they're not
eligible for the Nebula because it isn't really writing).

Actually, what I said to the folks from was..."I wouldn't go in
there for the presentation if I were dying of lung cancer and they were
offering free chemotherapy at the door." Nothing against many of the
SFFWA members, many of them are fine folks who're taking the rap for a
provincially minded leadership, but after the grief I got from SFWA over
all this before, the hate mail, the vindictiveness, the resignation (to
this day they still haven't had the guts to print my letter of resignation
in the Journal), I just couldn't go in there for the award.


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