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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: JMS: Your writing process
    Date: 5/13/1996 8:53:00 PM  

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"These ideas, I assume, are all related to B5 characters and their story.
Or do you get ideas for a new story involving a purple dinosaur with a
high annoying voice who just specializes in eating little teeny tiny

That's certainly a story whose time has come. I'd go see it.

"Point being, we already know you suffer from multiple personalities: JMS,
Kosh, Delenn, Sinclair, Sheridan, Garibaldi, Ivanova, and Marcus, and then
the plethora of recurring characters who all run around with their own
voice. Just how many are you? Is it a set number or are you constantly
adding new characters for stories you'd like to write after B5."
Like every writer, I imagine, you constantly find your brain firing on
different things. If I'm not doing B5 stuff, it goes chugging off in
search of other things. Over the course of the last season, in addition
to completely rewriting and revising my scriptwriting book, due out this
fall, I outlined a couple of books, wrote a 2-hour pilot for a major
company, developed another project with Warners (both of which are happily
dormant for now), wrote up premises for several other series, about half a
dozen movie outlines (two of which I'm currently writing in script form as
I wait for renewal), and other stuff.

It's just what I do.


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