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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Chicago Convention from jms
    Date: 1/21/1995 4:16:00 PM  

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For those who haven't haerd...there is going to be a major convention
in Chicago on June 24th and 25th; particularly major for Babylon 5. Guests
appearing at the convention include me, Michael O'Hare, Mira Furlan, Bill
Mumy and Richard Biggs. This is the biggest gathering of B5 people since
a surprise appearance at the San Diego Comic Con the summer we went on with
the series.

It's called The Big Bang Convention, and the other guests include Mark
Hamill, John deLancie, Robert O'Reilly and others. Admission is $35 for
general attendence (per day), $150 for VIP tickets, and $250 for Deluxe
VIP. I'll be giving a seminar as part of the program for prospective
television/film writers...a Q A structure, not a workshop where scripts
will be evaluated.

The hotel is the Courtyard By Mariott in Elmhurst, with the con held
at the Odeum in Villa Park. The VIP pass includes the writing seminar,
an acting seminar (both are, I believe, also available to non-VIP guests
for a small fee, around $20), a gambling riverboat outing with con guests,
hotel accommodations for both nights, and other stuff.

It's my understanding that the tickets for this convention are now
available through Ticketron. They expect something on the order of
15,000 people to show up for this one. I understand they're also doing
some performance stuff between guests, and are working hard to make this
a real Event.


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