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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS: Please read (was Re: This
    Date: 9/19/1994 3:50:00 PM  

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Sorry, Allen, I have not seen a lot of facts on the other side of
this issue (gun control); I have seen only rhetoric and fuzzy logic and
a complete mischaracterization of my original message, including the one
I'm responding to now. Everybody characterized this as a "ban guns"
argument, which it never was; I indicated the kinds of guns that I felt
were appropriate, and those that I had a problem with from a logical

I haven't said anything more on the subject because, frankly, it's
pointless; gun control, like abortion, is a topic that just goes on and on
forever, each side stating and restating their positions and no one really
ever changing their mind. I've been on the nets too long, and seen this
one too many times, to fall into this trap again. I said what I believed,
and what I still believe, and see no need for an act of contrition. You
seem to operate under the apprehension that I didn't fully investigate
the issue, and if I just looked at the "facts" you and others present,
the scales would fall from my eyes like Saul, and I would suddenly come
around to your point of view. Sorry, I *have* investigated the issue, and
my feelings on the issue are as stated. I did not see one new element in
the discussion that I have not read a thousand times before elsewhere.


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