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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: This isn't so much a spoiler, since...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 8/28/1993 8:57:00 PM  

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This isn't so much a spoiler, since it concerns an abandoned story like
(or, let me rephrase that...a modified story line). I mention this here since
I just mentioned it elsewhere, and might as well do so here.

Think hard about the pilot for a moment. Whose job is it in the
observation dome to monitor incoming ships...but apparently let the spider
transport slip through unnoticed? The station's skin should have (and likely
did) detect something clamping onto it...but apparently someone over-rode that
for the spider transport. Someone had to PRE-arrange access via the computer
for the assassin, since it easily palms its way into Varner's quarters. (And
what is the name of the person the access computer recognizes?) Someone had
to arrange for the transport tube to be delayed, and then *erase* that
information from the computer system. Someone who knew *exactly* when the
Vorlon ship would be docking. We see, at various times, the following people
interacting with the assassin, in different capacities: Garibaldi, Lyta,
G'Kar, Londo, Dr. Kyle, and of course, much later, Sinclair. Who did we never
see in direct contact with the assassin? Who was put in charge of the station
after Sinclair was removed?

Do you notice a pattern developing? Do certain things here point to a
certain individual...who may, or may not, have been acting on her own

And yes, this is something we planned to explore, though it wasn't on a
*direct* line to the arc of our story. It definitely impinged upon it, of
course. This has been modified due to the change in the character of the
Lieutenant Commander, and this now won't go where it was going to go...but we
still have some very interesting plans for our secondary character, not at all
along the Takashima lines (which is why this isn't a spoiler), but certainly
intriguing on their own terms.

(Re: the preceding questions...the class-A's are the day uniforms, not
the dress uniforms. And the preceding Babylon stations did have some
differences between them, some moderate, some extensive.)


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