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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: JMS: The End of the Arc an
    Date: 3/8/1995 6:55:00 AM  

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Ratings tell you how many people are watching. Demographics tell
you what *sorts* of people are watching...age, income, sex, that sort of
thing. The advertisers like to reach people who spend money, preferably
on their products. You can have a highly rated show, but if (to indulge
for a moment in the crass-think exercised by ad people) that audience
consists mainly of people in their 70s and's hard to GIVE away
the ads. You can be a lower rated show, but if you can deliver within the
desired demographics, the advertisers will come to you.

The B5 demographics are absolutely dynamite, and that's *very* good
for us. We get a lot of people in the 18-49 range, our largest share of
viewers, mostly educated, good consumers. They die for that kind of

Translation: they've seen who YOU guys are...and they like what they
see. Well, maybe except for that one guy in the loud Hawaiian shirt over
there in the third row....


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