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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Kosh is not being cryptic.
    Date: 3/3/1995 6:27:00 PM  

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Ah, at *last* someone who understands Kosh. Yes, Andy, that is
precisely it. Of all the lines I write in the course of an episode, the
ones that take the longest are always Kosh's lines; anyone can be cryptic;
that's easy. You have to kind of re-hardwire your brain to think like
Kosh thinks. He sees directly to the point of what the issue is, and that
we sometimes can't follow has nothing to do with him being mysterious, as
it does with just not being able to stand back and look objectively; clear
seeing, as they say in Zen.

There's an old Zen saying; when you are hungry, eat; whey you are
tired, sleep; this way will you confound your enemies. Kosh's dialogue
tends to be a stone dropped into water that drops straight down. The
more I can pare down his dialogue to just what is *absolutely essential*
the more it is Kosh.


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