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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: 1) Restatement, especially to Lynn:...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 11/12/1994 11:11:00 AM  

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1) Restatement, especially to Lynn: this has nothing to do with anyone
comparing the quality of show A and show B, but rather the insinuation that
person A is copying person B's behavior, which is untrue.

2) Personal attacks name individuals. You can't personally attack a
group you don't know.

3) If that "personal attack" rule were exercised here as stated, you
could not post half the messages in this forum. When actors are called "lame-
o," is that not a personal attack? And there the actor is named. That has
happened here *countless* times. But nobody ever seems to have a problem with
that. So you'll forgive me if I think this is just a bit skewed.

I have seen my work, and that of my actors, and directors, on this system
and others, characterized as "lame, stupid, mindless, boring, ridiculous,
cheesy," and about a hundred other adjectives I could bring up. Nobody
blinks. No discussions about whether or not that person should be allowed to
say that, or the person was out of line. If you're going to allow one, it's
hypocritical not to allow the other.

If everyone here is supposed to express their opinions, in whatever harsh
terms they choose, except me, then just say so, and I'll keep my opinions to
myself from now on. Either we all play by the same rules, or we don't. And
if we don't, you'll forgive me if I feel that's more than a tad unfair.
Message after message about Michael O'Hare, right here in this forum, calling
him wooden, calling him a bad actor, calling for actors to be spaced,
replaced, fired...that's fine...but one comment from me and the fabric of the
universe begins to unravel?


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