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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Ignore Ford Thax
    Date: 11/2/1994 7:53:00 PM  

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Well, well...I've been getting some very interesting information on
our friend Ford A. Thaxton, who is involved with a little enterprise
called Silva Screen Records. Perhaps Mr. Thaxton wouldn't mind discussing
some of *his* personal business, like how why he has been using
Christopher Franke's music in his released (remixed) without paying
Chris any royalties...? Apparently he has some real business problems
with Chris, and I would think he has considerable motivation to smear
anything that Chris is involved with. Didn't mention that li'l old
conflict of interest in your quest for the "truth," did old Ford.

And some of the things recently conveyed to me by some who've worked
with, and for Ford, in HIS business practices, are quite illuminating, to
say the least. But I suppose he would think that was a private matter,
not to be discussed on a network.

Maybe I should go and contact Edgar Froese in Germany, and ask about
some of *his* recent dealings with Ford, so that I can post them here.

Nice little place Ford has, out there in Olympia, Washington....

My, but Ford's had such an *interesting* least, so say
the many people who've dropped me messages in the last few days, who have
worked with him.


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