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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Ignore Ford Thaxton (was
    Date: 10/18/1994 2:40:00 PM  

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Far be it from me to contradict the erstwhile Thaxton, but I would
point out that actors CAN get out of their options VERY easily, if they
really want to. The simple reality is that if an actor DOES NOT want to
be there, their presence can totally destroy the morale of a show, the
cast and crew. Caitlin Brown, I'd point out here, opted out of B5 of her
own volition, and we chose not to gainsay her. And I stated as much here.

And now an aside to Mr. Ford Thaxton...frankly, what the hell
business is it of yours anyway? Public figure? You're posting here on
Internet before literally *thousands* of people. So how about you give me
the last few employers you worked for, so that I may either a) contact
them directly and obtain information on the reasons for your departure,
or b) simply go ahead and make stuff up about the reason for your
departures. Or is it only fair if you do it to somebody else?

About every few weeks, I run across somebody else who has what he
says is THE TRUE STORY...that posts on GEnie resulted in O'Hare being
fired (stated as gospel at a convention by a journalist citing sources
"inside Warner Bros."); that O'Hare walked over money issues (this one was
on a number of systems); that Warners forced the issue; that JMS forced
the issue...on and on and on. This has gone beyond the absurd. But some
people, it seems, need to gossip, and to post rumors, and to get into
areas that are, frankly, none of their business.

Say O'Hare was fired. Why post that and ruin the man's career for
the next several years. Say O'Hare quit. Why post that and generate huge
fan animosity toward him? Say the decision was advanced by me, and well
greeted by O'Hare. Why? Well, because as Kissinger said, it has the
added benefit of being true. Mutual and amicable. The other crap is just
based on the desire of some people to hurt someone, or spread dirt, or
boost their egos on the notion that information is power, and if we seem
to have it, we thus have power.

Only four people were in the room when the conversation took place.
You weren't one of them. For me, that's the end of the discussion. Until
next time, when somebody posts that evil Martian microwaves were beamed
into my head making me fire O'Hare...and that's the *true* truth.


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