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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: B5 storyline question...
    Date: 10/2/1994 10:03:00 AM  

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There's the sense that A, B and sometimes C stories in TV should
intersect. My attitude: sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on if you
look at this as a real place or not, as opposed to a thematic exercise.
What I go through in the course of a day has nothing to do with what
happens to Larry DiTillio across town, except and unless it involves our
mutual work. Sometimes, as in "Quality," the stories feel like they
resonate, and can be used to illustrate one another, and so they're
linked. In others, what I'm striving for is a sense of a "day in thed
(the) life" of Babylon 5. The one kind of story is neither better nor
worse than the other, they're simply different. One may like one more
than the other, but to say they're "better" plots is just silly. There's
NO padding in this show, no stories put in to fill out time; just stories
that we want to tell, period.


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