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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS: Do a short bit in B5.
    Date: 10/1/1994 6:53:00 PM  

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As much as fans of the show have asked for me to do a cameo on the
show...I can't. For starters, on many levels I'm making the show for
myself...and if I see me up on the screen, it blows the illusion. For
another, I've always thought it a bush-league thing to do; I'm a *writer*,
I work behind the scenes, as should be; when I see somebody like John
Landis or Mick Garris sticking their face in on camera, I can only shake
my head, and refuse to do the same. It turns the exercise into a game
of cutes.

Finally...I've seen me. Ehhh. Tell you the truth, most folks who
finally meet me generally conclude that there's far less to me than meets
the eye. Besides...the cost in replacement camera lenses would be simply


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