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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS lying? (was Re: Voyager Ca
    Date: 8/17/1994 2:48:00 PM  

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If Sinclair was simply to be *gone*, we had *plenty* of time to
edit OUT the scene in B4 that you saw and refer to. It was self-contained,
occupied only about 30 seconds, and could've been easily deleted (we ran
long on that episode, and cut a shot of Delenn leaving the Minbari
cruiser setting course for B5, which could easily have been put into
the show in that scene's absence). We only delivered that episode a few
weeks before airdate, and the news re: Sinclair was announced MONTHS
before that, while we were still in the process of editing it. (And we
can make changes literally up to a week or so before delivery.)

We could've deleted it, and left it a mystery, just as with Sigma
957. We're not afraid to do that.

In addition, the first four issues of the B5 comic will NOT be about
the new Captain, they will be about *Sinclair*, and where he is, and where
he's gone, and what he's doing. Since at this point it would be
hideously expensive to show that in the series, we're doing it in the
comic. And will continue to do it from time to time in the comic, AND in
occasional shots in the series.

This is NOT what you do when the network comes to you and says, "We
want this guy GONE." When that happens, he's *gone*, period.

No, people should not believe everything they are told.

Nor should you assume that everyone is lying all the time.


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