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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: The One-Armed Man
    Date: 6/27/1994 6:08:00 PM  

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Okay, Robert Chelovich, I'm getting pretty damned tired of your
popping in here with your accusations against Katsulas. So you and your
girlfriend cooked up a complaint...that doesn't mean squat and you know
it. If you had a case, you'd make it; there are extradition law between

You are engaging in the character assassination, in an obsessed
fashion, with a celebrity. You are using this forum to destroy his
career with false and misleading accusations. You were not being spoken
to in the thread, you simply jumped in.

You are, quite simply, full of shit. And you are engaging in typical
stalking behavior, which is visible to anyone seeing this. Obviously you
have no case, or it'd be made and there would be a trial. But you don't
have a case, so all you can do in your pitiable way is to come on here and
try to smear his reputation. You are a sad and pathetic creature who is
venally bent on destruction for whatever excuse your fevered brain has
cooked up. The problems between you and your girlfriend are your own.

A courtroom is where these discussions are held. That's where one
makes a case, if one has one. Do so, or shut up.

Because right now, all I see is an obsessed creature who springs onto
any discussion, leaves his little assassinations, and then blips off into
the shadows again, proclaiming "I will post no further on this thread,"
AFTER you have done your damage. Like all snipers, and cowards, you
strike from the shadows.

People comment that they find Katsulas appealing...and you jump in
and try to suppress them or frighten them're right, there is
a problem, and it is yours.

You've got three choices: 1) Make a sufficiently convincing case and
go to trial (the fact that you haven't shows that there is nothing to your
case whatsoever), 2) Deal with whatever the hell it is that's turning you
into a net-stalker, maybe seek some therapy, or 3) simply shut up.

Otherwise how long do you intend to engage in this campaign of
harrassment, defamation and slander? Obviously you haven't got anything,
but you continue...what? One year? Two? Ten? Twenty?

You have been asked, repeatedly, to stop in these baseless
accusations. You have already come perilously close to crossing into the
area of stalking, malicious mischief, libel and several other areas by
your continued assaults. All such posts will continue to be not only
forwarded to Katsulas' legal counsel for retention pending legal action,
but to the LAPD's division that handles celebrity stalkers such as
yourself. The more you engage in this behavior, the more you build a
case against yourself.

Your postings are obsessive, verging on the irrational. Stop it.


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