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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Is it or isn't it?
    Date: 6/1/1994 5:19:00 PM  

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I'm going to try and address your flame-bait with considerably less
in the way of insulting content than you did.

1) The Zima thing was neither illegal nor against NAB or FCC regs,
it was perfectly legit. Before you start making accusations about
illegality that are *completely* specious and ill-informed, you should
investigate first. Otherwise you speak from ignorance.

2) The argument of what is and isn't SF is one of the most
bone-headed arguments one can conceivably get into, and to which there is
no better solution than Damon Knight's comment, "SF is anything I point
to and say, that's SF."

For me, SF means speculative fiction, which totally regardless of
any opinion of yours, is a completely valid and acceptable definition.
Speculative SF includes not just the hard sciences, but sociology,
psychology, anthropology and other soft sciences.

To apply the standards usually listed by people such as yourself
would totally disqualify some of the finest pieces of SF literature in
the genre's history, from Stranger in a Strange Land to A Canticle for
Liebowitz and most of Ray Bradbury's stuff.

Hence, I simply ignore what narrow-minded people try to impose on
my show.

Babylon 5 is SF, as I and a whole lot more people than you define it.
It may or may not be a brand of SF that you like. But whether or not you
like it is totally irrelevant to whether or not it's SF.

The "critical look at the definition of science fiction" that you
cite does not exist anywhere but in your own head...there IS no one such
definition, and if there ever *were* any one such definition, then we
could effectively declare the genre dead and in need of burial.

And you'll note that I did all of this without appending to the reply
the use of such terms as "lame" or "mediocre." Now, if you're willing to
act grownup, we can continue this conversation. If not, not.


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