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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Not to distract this thread, but...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 5/1/1994 10:17:00 AM  

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Not to distract this thread, but the reference to power macs (also I
believe referred to as power PCs) raises a question...I'm already kinda
outgrowing the Deathstar 2000 Megasystem that I had assembled as my primary
computer. I'm not thinking of buying immediately, simply because I haven't
the time, and there seems to be some shakeup going on out there, but I'm
*thinking* about the Power PC/mac, mainly because I'm tired of rejigging
things ten thousand ways to find means to make my SCSI card work with my CD
rom, and the optical drive, and nothing ever seems to work together unless you
spend zillions of hours configuring your system. The Macs all work seamlessly
together, but there's much about the PC that I like. Is the power system the
way to go? Does it all interface as smoothly as the mac, or does it take as
much configuring? Simple answers please....I'm an idiot.


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