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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Yes, the meal *was* very expensive,...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 2/27/1994 10:11:00 AM  

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Yes, the meal *was* very expensive, as much as a room for a week. If
you're going to go after something as costly to import as wine (the major
expense), then you're going to pay *bigtime* for it. was my intent to imply in the scene with the guard and Bester
("nothing, just a drill") that he DID scan the guard's mind. He found out
what he was hiding (which is how he managed to show up to try and cut
Ironheart off from his escape), exchanged a glance with Kelsey, and headed
away quickly. If this didn't come through, it might not have been
sufficiently clear. Note that the guard doesn't finish his sentence, and
sorta drifts off....

Shane: am I unaffected by what I see here? How could I be? I'm as much
flesh and blood as anyone here (well, most anyone). I listen. I learn.
Someone once asked the Pope how he'd describe his job: "See everything.
Ignore a lot. Change a few things." I generally listen hard to ANY opinion,
and if it makes sense, modify my own. I've been iffy on how n'grath has been
presented, and with the reactions, I've pretty much decided to either kill him
off or modify the way he is handled come next season (PTEN willing). On an
emotional level, sure, it's hard, but that comes with the territory. If
you're going to stay out here on the net, you're going to hear opinions and
reactions -- often stated without much politeness -- that you really don't
want to hear. That's life. To quote master philosopher Tom Servo, "Deal with
it, pink boy." It's kind of like being in a workshop with, oh, 3,000 people
giving you notes on what you've just written, and very rarely do any two of
them agree. It can make you crazy. But since I'm long past crazy, I get by.


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