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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: There's been a film crew here already,...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 11/25/1993 3:07:00 PM  

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There's been a film crew here already, some time ago, during shooting,
and several behind-the-scenes pieces have been cut of various length; one
promotional piece of 8 minutes has already been downlinked. More, of greater
length, will follow.

We've now deliered 4 complete episodes to PTEN, and the reaction we've
heard back has been off-the-scale enthusiastic. They're convinced we've got
something very special here. I let Walter Koenig see a coupe of shows,
including the director's cut of the one he's in, and he like what he saw a
lot, and is convinced it'll be a success.

So far, so good....

Today was crash day. I've been running on 4 hours sleep, running around
like a demented creature, for weeks on end now. (Larry made it a point to
tell me that if I were to kill myself on this show that he would have to take
over, and run the show. I pointed out that I've got an Egyptian King clause
in my will...if I die during production, he gets entombed with me. If I go,
I'm taking him with me.) So today I never even saw the sun; crashed around 3
a.m. and didn't open my eyes again until 5 p.m. I feel vaguely human for the
first time in ages.

(And kind of a personal triumph; I bought a 4-pack of John Lennon CDs,
and can finally listen to them. I wasn't a stone Beatles fan, wasn't a
hardcase Lennon fan, but when he was killed, when that genius was stilled, I
got so angry, so blindly *furious*...and my heart just died. Ever since that
time, I haven't been able to listen to Lennon's work without that same rage
killing my pleasure in the music. I'm finally, finally able to listen to it
again, and it's playing in the background even as I type this.)

Saturday is the "Midnight" screening, and we'll see what we see....


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