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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: StarFuries
    Date: 11/3/1993 3:54:00 PM  

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The Starfuries are intended ONLY for non-atmospheric combat. They're
not really built for atmospheres; they'd have all the aerodynamic facility
of a brick. There are "wings" of a sort which mainly exist to put the
multidirectional thrusters in the right locations to be of most use, to
allow the craft to fire engines in any direction at any time, so it can go
forward, sideways, upside down, backwards, you name it. The closer you
put them to the center of a small ship, the less effective they are; you
want them some distance away...and far enough so that when they fire to
the side, they're not flashing right next to your field of vision.

The weaponry is mainly forward mounted.


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