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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: BTW, today I was gifted by some...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 10/27/1993 7:34:00 PM  

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BTW, today I was gifted by some folks in B5 with a collection of some of
the patches we've used on the fighter pilot suits. You'll see these on the
front breast and arms (both sides of each) of the suits, if only in the
occasional glimpse. Even though they'll probably never bee fully seen, we
felt the need to make 'em real looking and finish them off to the last
stitched detail.

These include the Earth Forces Off-World patch (gold-handled sword
against a starburst within what looks like a cross between a mobius strip and
human DNA), Earth Force Command (similar, but minus the starburst, with
transverse red stripes against a black background), a B5 Fighter Wing Squadron
patch (Flying Nightmares, B5FA-1013 on the outer ring, with a B5 symbol on the
left side outlined by up-and-down red stripes, and on the right a black up and
down stripe bordered by 2256), a rectangular Earth Alliance Fighter
Identification patch (five-pointed command insignia circled by red and gold,
overlaid with gold wings over Joe Straczynski), and the insignia worn by those
on the Battle of the Line, a triangular patch with Star Fury on the upper left
angle in silver on black, FA-23E in silver on black on the right upper angle,
with the inner part of the triangle divided in two by a vertical silver
stripe, blue on the left, gold on the right, over which is the design of one
of the fighters in full accelleration, leaving trails behind it, with the
squadron number 361st - TFS, with UGLY beneath it, and on the lower left angle
of the patch, in black on silver, the words BUT WELL HUNG.

Which refers, of course, to the figher craft itself.

(They hang upside down prior to launch, you'll recall.)


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