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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: So far, the team's 1 for 2; their...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 9/25/1993 3:08:00 PM  

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So far, the team's 1 for 2; their first game against SeaQuest (our team
came to play and have a good time, the other team came to WIN) went to the SQ
team. Our people spent the week practicing between setups and at lunch -- we
set up a milk carton for our new pitcher to practice his shot -- and this time
we won over "Dave's World." Though I wasn't there -- everyone ELSE gets to go
play, *I* have to stay chained to a keyboard -- apparently it was a repeat on
one level, in that there were maybe 8 from the "Dave's" side in the stands,
and we had something 50-60 people from our side show up to cheer on the team.
(Though we had a core bunch of players, anybody who wanted to play, played.)
Again Jerry, Andrea and Richard Biggs showed up; Michael was otherwise

Just recently, btw, I gave Larry DiTillio a printout with just a little
of the coming 5 year arc...if he's going to story edit, he needs to know what
lines not to cross, and I can't ride herd on that all the time. He took it
home, read it. Called me. Didn't even say hello. Began the conversation
with, "You are out of your f'ing mind." I asked for some small clarification
of his position. He indicated that he thought it was absolutely great,
something that'll really go down in the rolls when the final tally is done,
"But you GOT to be out of your f'ing mind to try and pull something like this
off. It *can* be done...but it takes a lunatic to do it."

Sounds about right.


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