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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Onto other (and safer) topics....
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 8/28/1993 5:02:00 PM  

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Onto other (and safer) topics....

It's amazing how fast time is zipping past...we've got a number of shows
now complete and in the can, starting "Believers" on Tuesday. We have D.C.
Fontana now working on the outline for her second episode, tentatively
entitled "Legacies." Her first s goes before the cameras in about 3 weeks.

We're currently finishing up production on "Born to the Purple," with
Clive Revell and Fabiana Udeno. It's a very offbeat and funny story (by Larry
DiTillio, natch) which adds a new side to Londo's character. It puts our
characters into different situations than we're used to, and it's fun seeing
how they react to these new conditions.

I'm just now starting my next script, "Mind War," which will bring the
Psi Cops to Babylon 5.

For those out there who still think the skin-tab-getting-through- Kosh's-
encounter-suit was an error...we're going to be dealing with that, and some
other interesting threads in "The Parliament of Dreams" episode. Sinclair
comments on the whole question of how the poison ever got into him...and notes
how curious it is that, within weeks of that incident, Dr. Kyle was
transferred back to Earth to work directly with the Earth Alliance President
on matters of alien immigration...and Lyta Alexander was similarly transferred
a week or so after that. The only two people to have personal knowledge of a
Vorlon have been shipped off and possibly locked up.

(Interesting, how one can take real-life developments and weave them into
the tapestry. This will feed into the main line of the story even better than
what I had originally planned.)

The one I'm most looking forward to writing just now, though, is "Babylon
Squared," in which we finally show what happened to Babylon 4, and in the
process ask more questions than we answer (though at least we DO answer the
questions we asked about the fate of that station in'll know
what happened to it, just not yet what it means).

There continue to be the usual hassles, and it's as bone-wearying as
ever, but I think we're having fun...and I know it's going to be a good show.


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