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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: What else they would call it...hmm..........ho...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 6/10/1992 6:40:00 PM  

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What else they would call it...hmm..........home?

I have some names for y'all, for those keeping track. We've finished
assembling our crack first team on the production side, and I can pass along
most of the names now. We're astonished at the sheer level of quality we've
gotten on this stuff. And tickled to have them.

Director: Richard Compton. One of the prime directors for The Equalizer
and Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice.

Director of Cinematography: Billy Dickson. Billy has an amazing eye for
color and shadow and composition that many of you may have seen on the
Desperado programs. First-class.

EFX Director: Ron Thornton. Main EFX fellow behind The Addams Family,
Highlander II, Plymouth, Dr. Who The Movie and others.

Production Designer: John Iacovelli. Award winning production designer
direct from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and other projects.

Production Manager/Line Producer: Bob Brown. Previously producer or
production manager on War of the Roses, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom,
Return of the Jedi, Iceman and the three Childs Play movies.

Casting Director: Mary Jo Slater. Mary Jo has cast untold numbers of
movies and TV programs, from the revived Dark Shadows to the recent Intruders
mini-series to Star Trek VI.

Plus others we've nabbed from James Cameron's company, Steven Spielberg's
company, George Lucas' company, Jim Henson's company, and others. Names as I
can release them.

This is a team that most any movie or TV series would *kill* for, and
we're very happy to have them all aboard.

Today I saw the new suite of offices we've acquired. People begin moving
in this week. The numbers of people involved are expanding with astonishing
speed. I strolled about in my new office, and that's when things begin to
become very real. Have to acquire new furniture to fill it. That'll make
three offices: my home office, my office at Universal, and my office at the
Babylon 5 location, plus a smaller office at the set which I'll be sharing
with my other executive producer, Doug Netter.

It is now exactly 2 months to the day when we will begin rolling film.
From this point on, the clock is ticking, and there's a LOT to be done. But
we're in very good shape, and I'm looking forward to it immensely.


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