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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Okay, okay, I can take a hint....
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 6/9/1992 4:41:00 PM  

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Okay, okay, I can take a hint....

Dr. Benjamin Kyle is Babylon 5's resident xenobiologist. He's in his
late forties or early fifties, black, very thoughtful, very dignified...with a
sly sense of humor (not sarcasm) that tends to catch one off guard. He began
as a physician on Earth, and was a leading researcher into xenobiology there,
gaining a quick grasp of the ins and outs of the few alien cultures that we
(then) were in contact with.

Naturally inquisitive, early on as a much younger man he began to "hitch-
hike" onto deep-space ships, always hungery for new information that could be
used by humans and outworlders alike. (His deal was that he would act as
ship's physician without charge, in exchange for a bit of freedom whenever
they made planetfall somewhere.)

He has seen, catalogued and operated on more alien lifeforms than just
about any other Earther in this time. And had his share of close scrapes, as
well. Some races consider is sacrilege for any other race to "enter" their
bodies through surgery...Ben will take the risk if it means saving a life.

He's detailed, methodical, single-minded...and if one route is closed,
he'll go another, even if it means getting into a fair amount of trouble.
(Which happens in the pilot.)

One scene omitted from the script for purposes of time is kind of
illustrative of Ben's humor. During a crisis _ there's someone in the
medical area (I'm being deliberately vague) who's in trouble, and Ben's on
stims, staying awake to see the patient through _ he at one point has to talk
to Sinclair.

Sinclair is asleep, Carolyn beside him, when the call comes in via the
bedside monitor. Noting Carolyn's state of undress, Sinclair tells the
monitor to receive the call, "audio only." Ben starts in on his report...then
stops. He can't see Sinclair. Sinclair, noting Carolyn who stirs beside him,
says, of the monitor, "Slight malfunction."

"Ah," Ben's voice comes..."Hello, Carolyn." He knows she's there, and
tells Sinclair c'mon, let me see you while I'm talking to you...I'm a doctor,
I'm not going to see anything I haven't seen before.

With a shrug from Carolyn, Sinclair switches on the video.

Ben's face appears on the monitor. He looks over to Carolyn. Smiles.
"Nice tan."

Carolyn's best left unstated.

Ben volunteered to come to Babylon 5 for several reasons: as the best in
his field, he's most capable of dealing with any emergencies, and this is the
sort of place where that is most needed. In addition, he's getting a little
old to be hitch-hiking on starships...why not settle down somewhere where the
aliens come to *you* instead of the other way around?

He's single, his wife having passed away some five years ago, one more
reason he's come to B5. There's nothing left at home for him now that she's
gone. He has two grown children, one of whom is successful, the other...well,
less so.

He's been offered research grants from some of Earth's biggest
corporations, universities have offered him important posts, the government
would LOVE to have him come work for them (where, he suspects darkly, they
would have him work on alien biological warfare)...but he's said no to all of
them. His place is as a working physician and xenobiologist, at a place where
he will have ample time to study the new species they encounter, and do his
part for peace.


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