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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Thanks, you're starting...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 5/21/1992 11:54:00 AM  

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Thanks, you're starting to understand what I've been trying --
inadequately at times -- to convey all this time. And bear in mind that I'm
only letting out the *least* of the images we now have on hand. Take the B5
image, get it moving, layer in the planet in the background, have it
surrounded by ships moving in and out like bees, and NOW you're talking.

Remember when I said this show would have a look unlike anything you've
ever seen before on television? Now you have at least some indication that I
was telling the truth.

If you haven't gotten your shirts yet, it's probably because you ordered
XXL, and those only came in this week, and they're now in the process of going
out. Be patient. If you don't get your stuff by the end of next week, lemme
know and I'll look into it.

After that, I may open up a window for others to purchase the shirts
straight out -- about $10, I guess, including shipping and handling -- until
they're gone. The other half of the order I'm keeping for handing out at

Had a great meeting today at Warners. Showed them the new tape, and they
were just astonished. When we first proposed this project, there were a lot
of folks who didn't think we could actually DO it, at least not without
spending billions on the budget. (And I can't blame them in the least...what
we proposed was, and still is, pretty amazing...inclusive of stuff that I
haven't even MENTIONED here, because I want *some* things to be a that skepticism was absolutely warranted.) But now that they're
actually seeing what we've been doing, they've become some of our strongest
supporters. One fellow in the room, who's worked on quite literally *dozens*
of SF projects for the studio, after viewing the new tape said, "I've NEVER
seen anything like this. Amazing." We've really broken through a whole new
level of technology...Ron estimates we're at least two years ahead of nearly
everyone else in the country, and one year ahead of ILM, which is the only
one that comes close to what we can do.

There are, I confess, times that I just sit here and smile. Makes up for
the four years of effort and grief that it took to get here.



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