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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Thanks for the thoughts. (And I...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 5/21/1992 6:37:00 AM  

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Thanks for the thoughts. (And I wish I'd had that info on the Orchid
Fahrenheit before I spent DAYS trying to find a program that would show gifs
with it, ending with VPIC at last.)

The upper right hand portion of the station is the cargo loading and
unloading area, which is in zero-g. If you look at it, you realize that the
flat top that runs the length of the station is connected at either end, so
that the components revolve, but the top remains motionless, rather like a
barbeque spit. (There will be a counterweight at the end to balance it
out...our techhies say that this is the correct way to build such a
station...remember the ship from 2010, and the counterweight there.)

As for the Vorlon ship being a bit dark...remember, that's actually
deliberate. I picked the one shot of them coming out of shadow and into
light, and had it further darkened down just enough to conceal some stuff that
I don't want revealed for the moment. But enough remains clear that as others
have noted, it's still pretty cool looking.

The rectangular opening in the front is the docking bay, and ships
approaching will adjust their own rotation to match that of the opening so
that it appears to be motionless from their POV.


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