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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: I hope you're right, Soaron...I...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 5/18/1992 4:28:00 PM  

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I hope you're right, Soaron...I just got my Media*west mailer, and the
ONLY things on it were two Sunday panels, one on TRGBs and the other on BBSs,
*nothing* for B5. And a second letter (this was all in the mail I picked up
today, which filled a 3x3' box) from the video guy said he only now heard
that I'd be bringing the B5 movie (!?), and it wasn't on the schedule, but I
could run it by myself after 10:30 pm if I so desired. Obviously, someone's

If there isn't a B5 presentation scheduled, there's absolutely no point
to my if anyone here can clarify this (calling Lori got me nothing,
she knew nothing of it), I'd appreciate it, because otherwise I'll have to
cancel. I ain't flying to Michigan to do the two above panels alone.

About up and down...there won't be one really in this show, because
remember, the B5 station *rotates*. So we will always be reminded of this
fact. Ships coming in to dock will have to adjust their rotation to match
that of the station.

Had a bunch of B5 meetings today with the ever-growing production
team...including the director, Ron Thornton, and the guy we're considering for
director of photography, who we think is right. To cap the meeting, Ron
showed the Vorlon ship(s) on video. Now, I'd just been expecting still
frames, no motion...and then it came on the screen, and it MOVED. And it did
stuff that no other ship I've seen before on TV has ever done (yes, back to
that again).

I have to tell you -- and this isn't hype, even though *I'm* hyped at
this moment over it -- I was just absolutely wog-boggled, as was every person
in the room. Ron Thornton is an absolute *genius*, I swear to you. And the
ship is simply the most alien-looking thing that I have ever seen. (Which
makes sense, since Ron is about as close to an alien mind as you will find.)
I had them keep running it back and showing it again, over and over. It's not
just technically interesting, it's actually *beautiful*, in a strange and
wonderful way, and you just enjoy watching it.

It's *so* neat looking. I can't stand it.

We also got to see the first actual B5 movement tests, with the various
sections rotating. And a good shot of the Vorlon ship against the background
of the planet and moon in the vicinity of B5, and the planet also looke nifty.
It's just amazing stuff. If you know Ron's work at all (and some of you do),
you know that what he brings to this kind of project is not just the
scientific background on how it should work, but he ALSO has the tech
background on computer graphics, AND he's an incredible artist. Put those
elements together with a mind that has clearly escaped from the Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy, and you have something wonderous indeed.

Now that the studio has approved our director, I guess I can now announce
who he is: Richard Compton, an *extremely* well-regarded director from both
film and TV, who has just fallen in love with the project. He has been
working with us to make it more visual, he'll be involved in the casting
process, and he's absolutely brilliant. For television, he's directed such TV
movies as "Desperado" (very nice stuff there), ST:TNG, a whole *bunch* of
episodes of "The Equalizer" (which is close in some ways to the look we want
for B5), "Hill Street Blues" (lots of those, too) and other shows and movies
and TV movies.

This is a very exciting time right now on the project. In a way, we will
also be served by the new airdate because we'll still be delivering the
finished film before the end of the year, so that gives us about 6 to 8 weeks
to let the stations publicize the film, and get reviews, and show either
portions or the whole thing at conventions between December 28th (our delivery
date), and the final airdate in February.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass all that along. Much better today, was
semi-conscious at best when I posted the other note. More news as it


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