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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Jackarr's past is...a contradiction...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 5/2/1992 3:34:00 PM  

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Jackarr's past is...a contradiction that I'm going to hold back on for
the time being. There's what he *says*, there's what's on the official
records...and there's the truth. And that, along with some other surprises,
is what will turn the character and a goodly part of our story around.

So for the nonce...I'll pass on any more detailed answer to that
particular question.

As for the XXLs, they *still* haven't come in yet, I'm sorry (and vastly
annoyed) to say. Something about difficulty finding the required number, in
that size, in Royal Blue. Worse case scenario, they may end up black...making
them special editions WITHIN a special edition.

As for Londo, I know he was discussed *somewhere* uptopic, maybe someone
else here has the specific message number.

So let's see...I think I've covered all of the Ambassadors: Londo,
Jackarr (I'm thinking of re-spelling his name G'kar), Kosh and Delenn. I've
covered Commander Sinclair, Vice-Commander Laurel Takashima, the telepath Lyta
Alexander, and I *think* I've mentioned Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, so
that leaves Xenobiologist Benjamin Kyle, is that right? Just so I know where
to pick this up. those who are associated with Con-Fiction in Utah, please relay
the following: Reluctantly, and kinda as I figured, I won't be able to attend.
I'd hoped to be able to send along some material to be used at the con, but as
matters stand now, many of the designs and materials are in a BIG state of
flux, and there's some business stuff that I've got to attend to that could
affect some of our plans in a small way, so due to all of that, I alas can't
even send anything along. This will all be remedied in time for Media*West,
happily, but not for Conduit (Oops, I misspoke myself in the first line of
this paragraph, I said confiction when I meant to say Conduit...sorry.)

My regrets on this matter, and my best to the con organizers. Next year,
however, be assured that there will be a big B5 presentation made available to
Conduit. On my word.


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