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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: A one-page summary, eh? Hmm...okay,...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 4/13/1992 9:10:00 PM  

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A one-page summary, eh? Hmm...okay, I'll see what I can do. If I don't
put the info up in the next day or two, drop a note here to remind me, you
know how I am, one thing always pushing out another....

(And a genuine Marvel No-Prize to anyone who can figure out THAT

Oh, and Kath, since the folks at Rattlesnake know you, you can pick one
up directly, if you prefer (use my name, and have John call if there's a
problem, but there won't be, so why do I worry these things to death, never
mind, it was a rhetorical question and I'm going to lay down for a while....).
If you prevail upon John or Susan you can *maybe* get one of them to show you
the new B5 demo, otherwise it'll wait until Christy gets here.

(Why am I having a private conversation here? In public? Surely these
people have better things to do than watch all this scroll past.)

We expect to be setting up and moving into the new B5 offices in that
same building in the next few weeks, as more staffers are hired. We'll
basically be taking over one-half or so of a floor in the TV Academy Building,
so I'll actually be shuttling between *three* offices, my office at Universal
(a spiffy new office they moved me into in the main producers building), the
B5 office in North Hollywood, and the office on the B5 stage, which is located


State secret.

Until tomorrow, Comrades. I'm now retiring for the night.


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