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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject:, the name of the rent-a-telepath...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 4/7/1992 5:02:00 PM  

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No Thread, the name of the rent-a-telepath is Lyta Kim, and we will
be hearing more about her later.

Carolyn Sykes is Commander Sinclair's...darn, what's the right word these
days? Signifcant other? Lady-friend? Lover? Main squeeze? (I keep having
this recurrent flash from "Young Frankenstein," as Frau Blucher calls out,

Carolyn has been romantically involved with Sinclair for a couple of
years when we meet her. She knows quite a bit about him, but there are some
things he still hasn't told her. They have a very adult, sexual relationship,
and they are both independent and equal. She is the owner, and pilot, of the
trading vessel ULYSSES...a self-made woman who's an established and respected
trader in a variety of goods. She works mainly within the Earth Alliance
colony worlds, though in the last few years she's added routes in the Centauri

She's sophisticated, sharp, and no-nonsense...screw around with her too
much, change the terms of your agreement in hopes of taking unfair advantage
of her, and she'll jettison the cargo right into the sun. She has a
reputation to protect, and would rather lose the deal than be dealt with
unfairly. It sets a bad precedent...and on some of the worlds she has to deal
with, the perception of strength is vital.

Her feelings about Sinclair's position are mixed. On the one hand, she
feels that he's the right man for the job, and he's doing a terrific job. On
the other hand, she knows that part of him longs to be back in the pilot's
seat of a starship, and when things start to get bad, she offers him that tell them all to piss off, and the two of them will pool their
resources, buy a bigger ship, and go off on their own.

Because of their schedule, she must find time together when they can,

stolen hours before the next run to another world, another system. They are
both supportive of each other, though that doesn't remove the occasional
conflict common to any relationship. She isn't dark and driven, she's a
strong female character who's *happy* in her work, she enjoys it -- the
freedom, being responsible -- and wouldn't change it for the world.

They are very much involved with each other, but because of their
different lives, both know that there's every chance that this might all end
between them. So they don't often deal with that question, though it's a
thought that is sometimes expressed in the bedroom, at night, in soft tones.
They might drift apart, find someone else, or something co uld happen to one
or both of them; their jobs are not exactly conducive to longevity. So they
seize every moment and enjoy it as best they can.


* (whinnnnnnny!)

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