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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Thanks for the thoughts, all. One...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 4/4/1992 7:35:00 PM  

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Thanks for the thoughts, all. One thing I forgot to ask Ron while he was
here -- and perhaps some of you Amiga-types can supply the info -- is for a
contact phone number for Video Toaster Magazine. It occured to me after the
fact that some folks here might want to order up a copy of that issue. So if
I can't dredge it up in the next few days, if someone who knows could post the
info, it'd be much appreciated.

Something else I forgot to mention was that I saw the preliminary color
designs on the Vorlon ship as well, though they haven't been set down on video
yet. Again, a *very* different sort of look....

I just sat here and tried to come up with some way to describe it without
giving away the specifics of the design, and the closest I got was "If Close
Encounters had been designed by H.R. Giger," but even *that* isn't it. Ah,
well. Y'all will see it soon enough.

As I've said before (repeatedly) about casting, that won't happen until
early or mid-May, so hang loose on that one. We have to do things in *order*.
That means locking down some of the additional production positions this week
and next week, finalizing production designs so we can begin transferring them
to blueprints for construction purposes, and we're ALL going to have to sit
down for as much as two very long days just starting our discussions on props
and the look of the future...remember, we have to build a world from scratch
and determine what it'll look like.

Cast is just about the last thing you worry about and deal with; first
come a million and one other details that have to be designed well in advance.
It takes time to build a set, and an actor generally comes pre-constructed.


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