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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Make *A* backup? Izz you craaaaaazy?...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 2/8/1992 5:25:00 PM  

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Make *A* backup? Izz you craaaaaazy? Three at least!

Mentioning Amiga reminds me...did I mention that it looks like we'll be
featured in an article in COMPUTE? Also, POST magazine (which is all about
post-production in TV) started off doing an article about how they do these
neat effects in A Certain Other SF Show. Then they backtracked, heard about
B5. Talked to our guys. And now the slant seems to be, "Hey, why can't a
certain other show do EFX like B5 is gonna do? Huh? Howcum?"

I have nothing to do with this, folks. Ain't feeding nothing, ain't
encouraging nothing, I only just heard about it myself.

There's *supposedly* an article for STARLOG in the works, but I've not
heard much lately on that score. As additional stories start coming out, I'll

Meanwhile, a request. This coming Thursday/Friday there should be a fair
amount of news coverage regarding the Warners Consortium and thed -- make that
THE -- shows they'll be doing, including B5. If you come across any of these
couldja let me know? We haven't got a clipping service yet. Every person
who sends me an article in which B5 is mentioned will get a FREE transparent
sticker with the *new* B5 logo in living color. (Obviously, this only applies
to the first of any one paper that arrives...ten zillion copies of the DETROIT
FREE PRESS ain't gonna do it.) Put it in your window, on your car...baffle
and dazzle (or daffle and bazzle) your friends! Make it a conversation piece!
A quick and easy icebreaker at bars, where it will help you pick up babes!
(Or guys.)

Looking into the B5 patches and t-shirts, btw. Will announce when we've
made a decision. (Translation: when either WB or Me kicks loose some dough.)


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