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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Those stations that agreed to carry...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 2/1/1992 7:57:00 PM  

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Those stations that agreed to carry B5 early on are all still
carrying the program, plus a bunch of other stations that've been lined
up subsequent to NATPE. A full list will be appended soonest.

The speculated-upon similarity to Japan was not unintentional.

Regarding sub-light speeds...we're working that out with the tech
crew. Actually, EVERYONE is getting in on that aspect. One design for
a B5 defensive ship (kept in a high-security hangar concealed within the
station just in case they might ever be needed...and they will...) runs
like this...and I emphasize this was just his speculation, but it's
kinda cool, whether or not it actuall gets used. (It also came with the
designer's sketch of the ship.)

The ship is the Northrodyne C31-03 "Patriot," suited for both deep
space and atmospheric flight.

POWERPLANT: 1 Messerschmitt Ram-scram 23,000 kg thrust turbo
2 Commonwealth hyperspace ion-warp drives
24 Jumo 500 kg C02 thrusters

PERFORMANCE max speed 10.75 C.P.H. (Light speed per hour)
stall speed minimum 400 K.P.H. on foils alone at 1 Earth
atmosphere sea level
Can achieve full-hover using Bokelman anti-grav
Max range fully loaded: 1200 parsecs

WEIGHT: Standard earth gravity: unloaded, 35,000 kg; loaded, 114,000 kg

DIMENSION: Length: 37 meters; Span: 43 meters; Height at max diameter:
8.43 meters

ARMAMENT: 8 antimatter lasers
18 "Blackhole" missiles with 1.5 megaton warheads
2 explosive projectile 85mm ruger spiral-feed cannons
4 "Reagan" class dumb-fire missiles
3 pulsed accellerator long-range missiles

CREW: 2, plus back-up crew for long-distance missions.

Again, that may not end up being what's actually used in the show, but
it's one of our speculations by some of the tech people. Kinda fun. One
other ship that's been designed is the Blohm Und Voss-IBM BV142 V493
"Nervenklau" class interceptor with ram-fusion turbos. (It's a smaller
ship than the "Patriot" class, made for speed and bite.)

Are we having fun, or what?


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