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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Thanks, JMS!
    Date: 3/12/2001 10:31:00 PM  

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>But the most amazing thing is, it was taped over a year before it was
>shown. During that year I never saw a single hint anywhere of the
>contents. I do not believe any movie or TV program was ever shown such
>respect before.

That was the remarkable thing about the series...everybody kind of knew it was
something special, and nobody wanted to be the ones to mess it up. The actors
all stayed mum about it, people on the set didn't say anything...a few media
folks got hold of the script, but on seeing what it was, chose to say nothing
out of respect. It's kind of unparalleled.

But it's also emblematic of B5 folks...when I've done a presentation at a con,
and told the audience something new, but asked them not to repeat it on the
nets...guess what...they didn't repeat it. In 6 years of B5 and Crusade, if I
asked a net-wired audience to keep this between me and them...they complied,
out of good manner, kindness and respect. I think it speaks volumes about the
quality of viewer we attract.


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