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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS: Wolf 359 Conventions Limited
    Date: 2/23/2000 12:55:00 PM  

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>I was considering attending a forthcoming Wolf Events convention
>over here in England, and being a suspicious person, checked the
>company out on the companies house web site before sending my
>registration off. The site said that the accounts for Wolf 359
>Conventions Limited were overdue since November 1998.

Just for my own understanding, can you clarify what this means, what accounts
are you referring to here, and what is a "companies house?" Does this have
something to do with being a supposed charitable convention?

> I then sent
>an email to the enquiries desk at companies house asking if this
>was normal, or whether I had reason to be concerned.
>They replied within 3 hours saying that the company was "in default"
>and was "in danger of being struck off".

I have to say that I'm not surprised that this is the case.

>Presumably if this happens, they will not be able to hold events,
>and people like me who had sent money stand a good chance of
>losing the lot.
>Is there anything that can be done over on your side of the Atlantic
>to warn the stars who might be thinking of attending one of these
>events to make sure they don't get dragged into the mess when it does
>all go bust?

I don't have much day to day contact with the cast, I'm afraid, since
everyone's pretty much gone on to do their own things after B5 concluded.
Perhaps others can relay this to the fan clubs of the various actors.

I also try not to get between the cast and their activities.

>Sorry if this is not really your territory, but you are the only
>approachable person in this business that I could think of.
I try.

>The companies house web site is -
>check under "free information" and search for "wolf359". Please do
>not take my word for this - feel free to check it out with Companies
>House yourself.

Thanks for the info.


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